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Trustee's Message

Dear Readers

A good education is one of those few key assets which stays with us for a lifetime and whose value only increases with each passing day. In fact, education in its purest form is like the soul of a society. Therefore, I firmly believe that it is our duty to fully utilize this golden opportunity when it is given to us. Academic excellence may not be the most important contributor to success, but often it is the first step in the right direction towards achieving our goals. Education gives us the tools we require to think, innovate and perform to our fullest capabilities.

I am happy to learn of the all-round development which all young minds at the Apollo International School are undergoing. Like every year, this year too they have won laurels for the School;the hockey team deserves a special mention on their consistent match-winning performance. Having said that, there is always scope for improvement, and I am confident that the students would surprise us with their academic and extracurricular feats in the coming year.

I would like the students to ponder on an old Chinese saying- Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back. I encourage each student to row harder this year.

My special thanks to all our well-wishers, parents, guardians, students and staff, who have continuously supported us in our endeavour to build a best-in-class education institution.

Wishing you all the very best.


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